Polyhedral Dungeon Leads New InfiniBadger Press Outreach Program

InfiniBadger Press has just announced a new Outreach Program, intended to connect youths and adults with tabletop roleplaying, especially those who are at risk. The first product, but not the last, that is included in this program is POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON. Groups and organizations who work with certain populations can get access to a digital site license for products in the program, as well as discounted print products for use.

Polyhedral Dungeon Mentioned On Gaming & BS Podcast

POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON got a shout out on episode 101 of the Gaming & BS RPG Podcast. Although mentioned near the end of the podcast, it does come after a great discussion about time constraints on preparing games and running them, and the challenges that come with being a gamer today with commitments getting in the way of gaming. The great news is that POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON was designed in many ways to help with this with it’s low-prep and low overload approach to play. It’s quick to learn, fast to play, but flexible enough to be customized as needed.

Thanks for the mention, Brett and Sean!

Polyhedral Dungeon Basic Edition 1.4 Released

The final version of POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON has been released today. Version 1.4 includes a small number of tweaks to the rule book and a few small tweaks to some Classes and Talents, explained in the included upgrade notes document. Also included in this release is a full single page PDF that lists all of the Talents that individual Classes can have from the Basic Edition (which is also available from this site’s Downloads page).

Print proofs of the POD version of the game are being processed right now and will be available soon to order. Anyone who has purchased the Digital version of the game from any sites it is available from will be eligible to get a discount against the OneBookShelf version (or print copies direct from InfiniBadger Press) whenever they chose to upgrade.

The mobi and epub ebook versions are in progress too and will be added to all digital bundles as soon as they become available.
Purchase information for POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON can be found on its dedicated page here.