Cursed Item: The Rings of the Dark Lord

Although no-one is sure how many of these rings truly exist or where they now are, they’ve been talked of for millennia. Some say that there were up to twenty of these rings made, while others think three or seven, or even nine. There are whisperings that there is a master ring that enslaves all those who wear the other rings, turning them into demonic servants with terrible powers. Fairy tales no doubt, stories to scare children. But what if the rings really do exist? Who has them now, and what are they going to do with them?


Heroic Major Superior Permanent Unbound Cursed Item
TRIGGER: Touching any of the rings directly causes the curse to activate. The curse is transferred to anyone else who touches the ring, while lingering effects still affect those who touch it.

EFFECTS: While wearing a ring, the wearer can use the Talent Invisibility without it expiring, although taking the ring off cancels the Talent. The wearer can also attack while invisible unlike the normal Talent. At the beginning of each turn the wearer is wearing the ring, they must roll Soul and roll higher than the number of turns elapsed since putting the ring on to be able to take it off. Each failed Soul roll causes 1 Wound. If they are unable to take it off, someone else must take it off for them. While invisible, the wearer also draws the attention of other wearers of this type of ring no matter if they are wearing their own rings. For each cumulative hour that passes wearing the ring from the first time, the distance over which these others can sense the wearer (and vice versa) doubles, starting at 5 feet for the first hour. The owner of a ring begins to desire it over all other things, and every month of ownership applies a cumulative -1 modifier to any Soul rolls as well as an ongoing cumulative point of Strain for each month since coming into contact with the ring. If the ring’s ownership is transferred to someone else, modifiers to Strain are removed, although any modifiers to Soul remain. The wearer will attempt to recover the ring from any new owners.
GEAS: Dropping any ring into a volcano will destroy it and break any existing curse.


A brief exploration of how cursed items are created can be found on the post Advanced Rules for Cursed Items.


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