Monster: Masanei




Sometimes called Blight Walkers and growing up to over thirty feet in height, these vaguely anthropoid constantly shapeshifting creatures made of soil, branches, leaves, moss, and sap appear in forest and woodland areas where the Wasteblight has retreated to. Masanei, which in the ancient Vathar language means “black eaters”, are expelled from Wasteblight pools as small black globs of corrupted magical sap. They gather and absorb detritus from the forest floor as they hunt the trees for living creatures to consume, morphing fluidly and randomly between the various shapes of the creatures they have previously eaten. This consumption of living creatures happens by engulfing the prey and drawing them towards the heart of black Wasteblight sap in the center that feeds on life force. Those who survive a masanei consumption, of which there are precious few, may find themselves touched by the Wasteblight, corrupting them or poisoning them; the Afflicted rarely live long without access to healing magics as the Wasteblight destroys them from with. Continue reading “Monster: Masanei”