Polyhedral Dungeon Now Silver at DriveThruRPG

Last night, on May 28, 2016, POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON made it to Silver, putting it in the top 15% of all products of the site. It’s still at Copper on RPGNow, sitting somewhere above the top 15% there as well.

A new update, version 1.3, will replace the current version shortly, and with that update the free adventure THE CRYPTS OF BES-AMAT will be added to the the downloads (as well as released as a standalone product). Some content is still being tweaked and once this is locked down, the POD version will be generated; it will take about 2-3 weeks for that to become available. Under InfiniBadger Press’ Digital+ program, anyone that buys the digital version of POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON gets the purchase price as a discount against the print price.

Polyhedral Dungeon Launched

Polyhedral Dungeon Cover
Polyhedral Dungeon Cover

On May 17th, 2016 POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON was released unto the world.

POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON is an ultralight modern take on old school roleplaying. Using the new and simple to use and extend POLYHEDRAL SYSTEM, you can have countless hours of fun delving into dungeons and stealing dragon’s hoards.

Features of the game include:

  • Create new characters for play in about 5-10 minutes.
  • Choose from the classic old school character tropes, but with slight twists. Play classic dungeon crawls with a flexible unified system that’s easy to learn and extend – make up your own content, or use any of the official Expansions, including The Advanced Rules which provides many new options for play, The Book of Monsters which expands and explores the Monsters in the game, The Book of Loot for more complete treasure and loot options, including many unique items, and The Book of Magic, which expands Talents and rules for magical and divine characters.
  • Designed for quick pick-up play as well as to handle large groups of players who have little experience in tabletop roleplaying – a perfect beginner’s game and still fun for experts.
  • Pocket-sized, so that you can take it wherever you’re going.
  • Includes dice printed in the page margins in case you forget your own, or if you need to make a secret roll as the Judge!
  • Includes a Giant Badger!